Intuitive Coaching and Guidance

Bringing Life Back Into Balance


J. Dziwenko
Reading after reading, Kelly has provided accurate information to identify underlying core issues in a situation as well as detailed information on all areas of my life. A reading with "Intuitive Coaching and Guidance"  is a definite MUST HAVE! You won't be disappointed!
June 17, 2014  

J. Costantini
Kelly is a wonderful lady and a pleasure to talk to. Her life experience and insight can help bring better understanding and guidance with life's ups and downs. If you are looking for sound advice, guidance or someone to talk to, do not hesitate to call Kelly.
Thank you Kelly for helping my dear friend in rough times. Keep up the great work. Peace and love.
June 12, 2015

S. Hardaker, England
5 star
Had a reading today from Kelly. Lovely lady! Could have spoken to her for longer. Her reading was brilliant. I fully recommend anyone to have a reading x thank you so much for the reading today x

E. Hancock
5 star
Thank you Kelly. I have absorbed every word u said, so very accurate about my situation. Kelly, I needed to hear ur words. I prayed for an answer and it came to me loud and clear thru u. I am grateful for your spirit, guidance and understanding.

Thk u thk u

S. Farrell, Ireland
5 star
Omg I'm in Ireland and had a reading over the phone! This wonderful woman hit the nail on the head!! I can't believe how accurate everything u told me was x thank u for the wonderful reading:)

D. B., New York, New York
I am both a very discerning and very demanding customer. I need the person that I trust as a psychic and a life coach/mentor to be patient, kind, honest and intelligent - so they can explain complex situations to me simply. But most of all, I need them to be accurate – extremely accurate. I have been speaking with Kelly almost daily for over a year, and not only has she calmed me when life became too much to handle, but she saw the outcome of every situation and helped me navigate so that I could avoid those mistakes that had tripped me up for years. I am certain that she was sent to me for the purpose of making my life better and, in that way, she has never disappointed me.